9 Ways Accordion Doors Benefit Interior Designers and Architects

Accordion doors from Accordion-Doors.com are a great way to provide an open and airy feeling in any room. They also have many other benefits for interior designers and architects who use them on their projects. For example, accordion doors can be used to divide rooms into functional areas or to create the illusion of more space with only one wall. In this blog post, we will discuss 9 ways that accordion doors benefit these professionals – as well as homeowners!

1. Accordion doors are a perfect solution for the storage of large items  that would otherwise take up valuable floor space in very small spaces.

2. They also provide an attractive, space-saving design element to any room.

They not only free up space, they also create the perception of even bigger space, which provides an excellent backdrop for showing off your furniture or artwork.

3. Accordion doors can be used as dividers between rooms or offices. They create the illusion that there are more walls than actually exist.

This use of accordion doors provides a perfect solution for “small spaces” and businesses with multiple workstations, such as doctors’ offices or accounting firms who need to divide their rooms into functional areas without taking up additional space.

They work well with other types of dividers like curtain panels in order to divide large spaces into multiple zones without closing off one area from another. This makes them very versatile – perfect, also, for kitchens that need efficient storage combined with enough countertop space while still providing plenty of opportunity for cooking demonstrations!

4. Accordion doors can be used in commercial spaces to create private offices or meeting rooms. This type of application is ideal for companies that have clients on-site and need to provide some privacy without sacrificing valuable square footage.

The company’s main entrance would typically serve as the public lobby, with the desired private offices hidden behind collapsible (or temporary) folding doors.

5. Accordion doors are a great way to create an open floor plan.

Achieving a successful open floor plan with accordion doors is easy: just install the door in your space. This will provide an excellent opportunity for natural light to enter the room and illuminate any corners that are hidden behind closed doors.

6. Accordion doors are the perfect solution for closets and pantries, especially for efficient organization. For closets, this type of folding hardware will save you valuable square footage; and for pantries, it’s a great way to organize your food items by both categories and expiration date.

7. Accordion doors provide natural light in spaces that would otherwise lack it.

And without the hassle of having to install skylights or bring in additional lighting.

8. They provide privacy while still allowing light and air into the room. This is perfect for rooms that are used by multiple people, like communal living spaces.

For example, students in dorm room or office workers sharing a cubicle space can enjoy the benefits of an accordion door without feeling too cramped or claustrophobic.

9. The panels of accordion doors can be customized with different colors and patterns for any style. You can find something to match the decor of your living room, apartment lobby, or office building.

You can go for a classic wood style. They can also be customized with more modern designs for spaces that are looking for something fresh and new.

These are some of the many benefits of accordion doors, from manufacturers such as Woodfold (at Accordion-Doors.com), that make them a popular choice for interior designers and architects. These convertible panels can fit almost any space while providing privacy, light, air, and style! Even if you’re not sure whether it’s right for your project or not, give these versatile sliding doors some consideration to see how they might benefit both the aesthetics and usefulness of your interior space.